We ensure on-time delivery of a product purchased from Ruralbaba . The product would be delivered in the right condition and to the correct address. We would include a shipping charge and we suggest knowing the total price before making the purchase (including discounts). We are the biggest B2B supplier and here you can get the products delivered in bulk.

However, if there is the order is cancelled, lost or damaged we would initiate a full refund of the amount including shipping charges. The total price is calculated after applying discounts/VAT/GST.

We would like to inform you that we don't use any third party and we directly deliver the stuff to your address. It eliminates any confusion and we are always here to give you the best support. We suggest following the guidelines mentioned below:

• If you see the parcel got a tampered seal you should not accept it and must return the order to us.

• If you want to know that you have received the right product you can start a video-recording showing that you are opening the parcel and it comes up as a proof if you have received any wrong or damaged stuff.

• And if you have got wrong stuff or there is an extreme delay in delivery you can directly contact us and we would register a complaint. And if you find that it's showing delivered but you have not received the item you need to register a complaint within 48 hours and we would take the right step to help you out.

Taken as a whole, your delivery is completely safe with us.