Ruralbaba terms of use
Here, the terms 'we', 'us, 'our', 'company' refers to 'Ruralbaba E-Commerce Private Limited' with the registered office located at New Delhi.
This is the terms and conditions and a visitor need to know the terms of use before entering our site. The terms of use are applicable for all our B2B customers and we suggest agreeing on the terms and conditions before entering our site. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions kindly stay away from visiting our site. We have the full right to revise our terms and conditions and we suggest going through the terms and conditions thoroughly. You need to visit the terms and conditions periodically to get updated with the revisions made.

Content Authorization
We have full right to all contents, images, logos, videos on our site. Any use of these contents without permission is illegal and we may take legal action against the company. We specify the contents, which you can use as our email address, contact number etc. and except these details, and you are not allowed to use any other properties.

You don't possess any right to sell or modify any content of our site. And we never allow you to display and text or video publicly whether it's for personal or commercial use. Until the organization come up with w written permission you can't use the text, images or videos.

How to use the site?
Here are mentioned the rules to ensure the website's security:

• Users can't access any account, which is not authorized for use. If we find any illegal activities, we would take actions against the enterprise to ensure the website's security.
• We may take legal action if we find any kind of hacking or trying to damage our site using viruses and Trojans.
• Any violation of the security rules would lead to illegal activities and we can take legal steps. We won't allow any kind of promotions through our website and we can start an investigation against this issue. We can seek help from the law enforcement authority to prosecute users who are involved in these unruly activities.
Other rules to follow:
• Users are not allowed to destroy any information on your site. Any damage to the materials would be considered as a criminal activity and we may seek legal help.
• You are not allowed to invade the copyright, trademark and trade secret. If we find any violation of other privacy, we would take immediate action.
• We never allow our B2B users to upload any abusive, threatening contents, images or videos. If any user tries to incorporate such things, we would immediately block the user to avoid further issues.

Once you agree to our terms and conditions you are allowed to enter our site. We are not liable for any damage or loss due to visit to our site or due to breach of terms and conditions. We won't provide any support if you face any issues due to breach of terms and conditions and we have full right to block any user if there is any illegal activity.

Until you have not made a purchase, we are not liable to provide any kind of support. And you need to provide some personal details, which the site uses for the survey. And we are not liable for any termination of service causing direct or indirect damage. You must agree to provide the correct information and thus you can use our site to make a purchase. We suggest you follow the rules mentioned above and it helps you to use the site free from any worries. We won't provide any service via a third party and you must stay away from any fraudulent activities.

We are not liable for any damage or loss in your business, which may interrupt your course of action. We won't use your personal information it's restricted for computer use only. Still, if you face any incidental damages, we won't give you any support. We advise you to follow your terms and conditions and you can use our site in the right way. We give you full access to purchase our products and we do B2B transfer only. We won't use any third-party courier service and you must be aware of this fact.