RB CHOICE Dhaniya Sabut(250g)

Weight: 250 gram

Country of Origin: India


Dhaniya Sabut or Coriander seeds are completely gluten-free and have antioxidant properties that assist to endorse health and prevent many diseases. Undoubtedly, they are the right source of important essential fatty acids as well as essential oils. These ingredients are also helpful in bringing anti-flatulent and digestive elements in the coriander seeds.

Similar to any other spices, Dhaniya Sabut is a rich source of dietary fiber and assists in ease up the condition of constipation. Not just this, these dry spice seeds that lack vitamin C, coriander seeds possess a sufficient amount of anti-oxidant vitamin.

Dhaniya Sabut is offered by the best manufactures and suppliers in different packaging options. Started from the small packet, you can the big packets as well. The word “Dhaniya Sabut” in food preparation may just be used to the seeds (as a spice), instead of the green plant easily available on greengrocer.

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