Dove Bathing Bar Soap , 100g

Weight: 100 gram

Country of Origin: India


For skin that looks soft, smooth and radiant, turn to the Dove Beauty Bar. With ¼ moisturising cream, it goes beyond cleansing, nourishing as it washes away the day...

The secret to beautiful skin is moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than a Dove bar. That’s because Dove isn’t a soap, it’s a Beauty Bar. While ordinary soaps can strip skin of essential nutrients, Dove Beauty Bar has mild cleansers to care for skin as it cleans. With our ¼ moisturising cream, Dove Beauty Bar leaves your face and body feeling soft, smooth and more radiant than ordinary soap. You can see why we call it a Beauty Bar.

You might be a fan of the Original Dove Beauty Cream Bar, but with others to choose from, why not try them all? We have a Dove beauty bathing bar to suit any need, after all. Our Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar is perfect for helping keep skin soft and smooth. Or reveal fresh, glowing new skin with our Dove Fresh Moisture Beauty Bar.

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