Complan Royale Chocolate, 1kg | Jar

Weight: 1 kg

Country of Origin: India


Complan is a nutrition & health drink for kids with a clinically proven formula that supports concentration & memory & delivers 2X faster growth. Contains 100% milk protein which is a high-quality protein. Use it to make healthy protein drinks for kids. Contains 34 vital nutrients. Nutrients like Iodine, Iron and vitamin B12 help in brain development & its functioning. Nutrients like Vitamin A, E & C supports immune function. To can be consumed with Milk or water. Available in 4 delicious flavours - Royal Chocolate, Kesar Badam, Creamy Classic & Pista Badam. Use it to make flavoured milk for kids, which they drink with delight. Complan is a nutrition brand with more than 5 decades of legacy in India.

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