Ruralbaba Raisins/Kismis(250g)

Weight: 250 gram

Country of Origin: India


Raisins are a good source of fibre and energy and they are usually used as a salad topping or you can mix it with oatmeal. Also, they can be baked with cookies, bread or muffins and you can explore the amazing savour. Rains are good for health and they help in digestion and also helps in fighting iron deficiency. Also, raisins are a good source of calcium and boron. It increases bone strength and thus you can lead a life free from any worries. Boron works together with Vitamin D and Calcium to increase your one strength. Raisins are one of the best natural remedies to fight osteoporosis. Next, raisins also have antimicrobial components like the phytochemicals, which help you to ger healthy and strong teeth. The phytochemicals, which are present in raisin, are oleanolic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid and it kills the bacteria causing gum infections. It also helps in preventing cancer, stroke and heart diseases and thus you can now lead a better way of life. These raisins add a special touch to your sweet dish and you would simply love it.

Now, you can get a pack of raisins and make sure that you go through the details of the pack. So, you can learn about the true health benefits of raisins. Above are mentioned the basic information and the pack of raisins contain detailed information. So, you must read the details before making the final purchase. Finally, you get the pack of raisins and it makes you feel good.